About Us

Hello and welcome to Sweet Bloom Farm!

Sweet Bloom Farm is a boutique dahlia farm located in Battle Ground, Washington, just north of Vancouver and the Portland metro area.


My name is Melissa Stewart, and I'm the principal dahlia grower (and dahlia addict!) here on the farm. Along with my husband Mike and our two children, I work tirelessly to bring you the most beautiful dahlia blooms during our bloom season and the healthiest, most promising dahlia tubers for you to plant in your own garden at home.

I've always loved gardening and dabbled in vegetable gardening and flowers in my younger years. Then, just over a decade ago, I fell in head-over-heels in love with dahlias. Mike and I had moved into our first house together and wanted to fix up the front yard. I found myself in the Home Depot gardening center picking out some landscaping plants and that's when I saw them...these four-foot tall plants with gorgeous flowers bigger than my head. I *had to have them*. The plant tag just said "Dahlia", and I'd never grown a dahlia before. I knew nothing about them but I didn't care, I bought as many as I could fit in the car and brought them home. Those 5 plants bloomed all summer into the fall and brought me so much joy that I was forever hooked.

That winter I ordered dahlia tubers for the first time. I think I ordered about twenty different varieties.

The next year I had fifty.

The next year I had over a hundred different varieties. And so on it goes! I cut hundreds of blooms and gave them away to family, friends and neighbors...and gave them more blooms for their own family, friends and neighbors! My dahlias grown in my little suburban backyard were shared far and wide, and the joy that they brought to people made my heart sing day after day. To hear their gasp of delight, to have them comment on how absolutely gorgeous and perfect the blooms are, to have them share how much joy a vase of dahlias brought them...growing these flowers became the highlight of my year. And then...

In 2020, we sold our house in the suburbs and made the move to the farm! It was time to turn my love of dahlias and my dream of growing more than ever into a reality. Now we grow around 4,000 plants on our 2 acre farm and I still love it more than ever.

I love sharing our dahlias at several local farmers markets, pop up shops and straight from the farm. People driving by the farm pull into our driveway when they see us working in the fields and ask if they can buy some flowers for their wife or their grandmother. I have had strangers overhear us talking about growing dahlias and then describe my own house to me, saying how much they love driving by the dahlia field on their way to work each day. And now, I'm thrilled to be able to share them with you!

Your love and support of our family farm is priceless. Thank you for being here.