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Carl Chilson

Carl Chilson

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Carl Chilson is one of our favorite white dahlias. We picked this one up on a whim years ago and it's been going STRONG ever since! Blooms are informal decorative that wants to be a waterlily, it has bright, open blooms with slight twirls to the petals and the occasional lancinated petal tip. A nice, clean white, it's a great filler for wedding arrangements or bouquets. He's not a head-turner but he is a workhorse...a prolific bloomer and a knockout tuber producer. We often joke that we'll never find homes for all of our Carl Chilson tubers...but we always do.


Bloom Size: BB - Small, 4"-6"

Form: ID - Informal Decorative

Color: W - White

Plant Height: Approx. 4'


This listing is for one (1) tuber. All tubers will ship in April after the threat of freezing temperatures has passed. Please read our store policies.

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